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The No-Nonsense Shaving Guide By Harry’s

September 2017Mr Porter

Illustration by Mr Angelo Trofa

When it comes to grooming and, in this case, shaving, things can get unnecessarily complicated. Superfluous ointments, ostentatious razors and over-the-top advice can make the simple act of running a blade over your face seem a task of gargantuan proportions. So it is with some relief that we introduce grooming brand Harry’s to MR PORTER. Harry’s was founded in 2013 by Messrs Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, who were frustrated with other shaving brands on the market, which they perceived to be overpriced and limiting. Given their passion for simple, well-designed shaving equipment (which you can shop and learn more about by scrolling and clicking, below) we thought the men behind Harry’s would be well-placed to impart some no-nonsense, nifty advice about the act of shaving itself. So we asked co-owner Mr Raider for a quick guide to the perfect shave. “Before we started Harry’s, I went to a bunch of traditional barbers to learn how to shave properly. As a regular guy, I wanted to share my thinking with everyone else. Above all, we think it’s important to keep the process as simple as possible.”

Mirror, mirror

“Before you even think about shaving, you need to understand your facial hair,” Mr Raider says. “Everyone’s is different. Look in the mirror and figure out in which direction it grows.”

Take your time