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The Rise Of The Extreme Groomer

January 2019Words by Mr Samuel Muston

Illustration by Mr Pete Gamlen

Time was when a grooming regimen for a man consisted of a soap on a rope and a hope for the best. But times, like haircuts and hemlines, change. Today, the male grooming business is worth $57.7bn and is expected to top $78.6bn by 2023. The market has far outgrown its original boundaries, which were, in essence, shaving creamdeodorant and shampoo; it now encompasses a myriad of potions and lotions and masks to keep you young, many of which, we will shamelessly add, are available to purchase on MR PORTER. It is also an example of the market keeping pace with changing mores – and we very much approve of it. This star-scraping growth is not merely confined to products, either: it also extends into the realm of grooming treatments. We tried three of the most interesting or, should we say, extreme.

For extreme groomers