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The Summer Scents That Will Get You A Date

2 weeks agoWords by Mr Gregory Allen

The French philosopher Mr Henri Bergson said that sex appeal is the keynote of our civilisation, which might go some way to explaining why the fragrance industry is worth $40bn. Think about it – our olfactory senses dictate what we do in such a subconsciously powerful way. They can induce nostalgia, elicit emotion and even turn us on. Smell is the original aphrodisiac, picking up pheromones to get us, er, in the mood.

“Throughout history, our sense of smell was employed to fulfil three functions: find food, escape danger and get a mate,” explains perfumer Mr Roja Dove. “That is why fragrance can become one of the most fundamental parts of intimacy; when someone smells desirable, the hormone balance in your body is stimulated and you subconsciously become attracted to them. It is the most intimate accessory and key in the art of seduction.”

If your intimate life has seen better days, maybe it is time to switch up your scent and enhance your olfactory alchemy. A fresh fragrance can make people look at you differently and even increase your own confidence, both of which won’t hurt your chances.