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The Unexpected Legacy Of Mr Kurt Cobain

February 2017Words by Mr James Darton

Mr Kurt Cobain backstage in New York, 1990. Photograph by Mr Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

This week would have been Mr Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday, were it not for his tragic death in 1994 at the age of 27. While it’s impossible and inappropriate to speculate about what might have been, what’s beyond dispute is that his life, art and passing continue to send shockwaves across popular culture two decades later.

There are very obvious, trite examples of this influence (the ubiquity of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on The X Factor and American Idol, anyone?), but also numerous meaningful homages that you’re perhaps less familiar with. Below, we take a look at three from the latter camp, drawn from the worlds of music, film and fashion.