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This Lost Boys Jacket Is Halloween Made Cloth

October 2018Words by The Daily Team

Halloween might be a couple of weeks away yet, bu­t there’s planning to be done. Being left without a costume and having to cut holes out of whatever you can find in the airing cupboard is a scary prospect indeed. Which brings us to this AMIRI biker jacket. Featuring a snarling, iridescent vampire on its back whom you may recognise as Mr Kiefer Sutherland’s character from Mr Joel Schumacher’s 1987 horror film The Lost Boys – a (very clear) point of inspiration for the brand’s founding designer Mr Mike Amiri – it’s perhaps the most Halloween-appropriate thing that’s ever landed on MR PORTER.

Worthy of the teen vampire thriller which was credited with shifting the image of vampires in a more youthful and sexier direction (sorry, Nosferatu), the jacket is crafted from supple leather that’s been satisfyingly distressed, giving it a worn-in feel that makes it look as though it’s been around since the movie came out. See also the deliciously macabre details: a tiny silver skull dangles from the end of a chest-pocket zip, and the lapels are decorated with safety pins and a blood-red badge.

Generally, Halloween-appropriate clothes shouldn’t be worn beyond 31 October, but we think this warrants an exception. Pair it with some black skinny jeans, and you’ve got a tough-guy outfit sorted for years. Another frightening detail we think we should mention: the price. AMIRI has Los Angeles glamour running through its veins, mainlined with design talent that is put to good work in the city’s atelier, meaning that there’s not just style but substance to sink your teeth into here here.