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This Will Change How You Wash Your Hair Forever

November 2017Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

Well, this is a bit awkward, but it turns out you’ve been washing your hair wrong all this time. Typically, those of us with average-length hair stand under the shower, squirt a bit of shampoo into our hands and rub it into our hair for 10-20 seconds, rinsing as we go. Job done, right? Not so much.

“If you use styling product in your hair, it’s highly unlikely that you will be getting it all out with a quick wash and go,” says Mr Patrick Kidd, founder of luxury haircare brand Patricks, who recently released its range of shampoos and conditioners on MR PORTER to accompany its pomades. According to Mr Kidd, though of course he advocates the use of such pastes and creams, it’s important to minimise product build up in order to keep the hair healthy and prevent an itchy flaky scalp. “The thicker the product, the longer it takes to break down,” he says. His own shampoo, entitled SH2, has been specially formulated to fully cleanse the hair of all products. But he also has a few extra tricks up his sleeve.

The secret is to start by working the shampoo into dry hair before you wet it, advises Mr Kidd. “Let it sit on the hair for a minute or so while it breaks down the product, then wet the hair and lather up.”