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Three Fresh Men’s Haircuts From New York’s Most Stylish

July 2016Mr Porter

Mr Andrea Pirlo in New York, February 2016. Photograph by INF Photo

Is there such a thing as “New York” hair? On reflection, probably not – the Big Apple is such a melting pot of various style influences that it’d be pretty hard to put a pomade-dipped finger on a particular look. We will, however, say this: New Yorkers are particularly well-groomed, a fact that we can only attribute to the presence of such excellent men’s hair emporiums as Fellow Barber – one of the many businesses that will be joining in with MR PORTER’s summer Block Party on Crosby Street today. When it launched in 2006 in downtown New York, Fellow Barber was at the forefront of a new movement of artisanal barbers, filling a gap between the pricy salon haircut and the – what we can only describe as – dodgy $10 hair amputations available at less reputable hairdressers. Now employing more than 100 people, with four barber shops in New York and two more in San Francisco, Fellow Barber has also launched a particularly excellent line of grooming products, which we are pleased to announce have just landed on MR PORTER. To celebrate that fact, we’ve picked three stylish New Yorkers whose hair we feel is worth replicating, and consulted Mr Mike Sposito, one of Fellow Barber’s senior cutters, to tell us how to do so:

Mr Ryan Reynolds at the Deadpool premier in New York, February 2016. Photograph by Mr Mark Von Holden/Variety/Rex Shutterstock