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Three Reasons You Should Wear A Western Shirt

April 2018Words by Mr Jim Merrett

Perhaps it’s the imminent return of Westworld to our screens, but we couldn’t help but notice the number of Western shirts arriving in our latest What’s New drop. (What’s the collective noun for Western shirts? A yeehaw? A hoedown? A wickey-wild?) But, like the paranoid androids in the aforementioned show, self-awareness here is key. We don’t expect you to drive into this trend by just lassoing the nearest shirt. You’re an individual, and as such require an article that says something about you. And while there are other options, we’ve corralled together three of the varmints with a bit of character, with suggestions for what to wear them with, for those going straight to the wild, wild west.

For high-plains drifters

Jean Shop
Garth Denim Western Shirt
Red Wing Shoes
875 Moc Leather Boots

Meet Garth. That’s the handle that this shirt, which comes in a pleasingly worn-in dark indigo hue, goes by. When making it, we suspect Jean Shop were channelling one of Mr Garth Brooks (most likely given the context) or Garth from Wayne’s World, neither of whom fall into the category of what would be conventionally considered “cool” (nor does sticking the word “cool” in quote marks, but that’s another story). That pair’s namesake shirt, however, is as straight down the line as a square dance, but won't look out of place in the queue for that bleeding-edge restaurant in Shoreditch – unlike a square dance. Team it with a pair of Red Wing Shoes for a burly workwear-tinged look.