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Three Ventile Jackets To See You Through Spring

April 2017Words by The Daily Team

It’s an oft-repeated cliché that trends in style come and go without much warning. But in reality, when it comes to menswear, new propositions tend to arrive at a more seismic pace. Yes, occasionally we find our attention grabbed by outre styles from the likes of Vetements, Saint Laurent and Givenchy, but it’s also true that if something just works, we’ll keep on wearing it. Which brings us to Ventile®, a completely water- and wind-proof, close-woven cotton fabric which even today feels techy and modern, but was actually invented in the 1930s, to protect sea-bound British pilots during WWII.

We at MR PORTER are thinking a lot about Ventile® this week, not just because it’s the perfect, lightweight and breathable fabric to sport during a season which, according to another cliché, is full of unexpected showers, but because British heritage brand Private White V.C. has created a capsule collection exclusively for us, in which Ventile® is the star attraction. Drawing on the brand’s long history of producing classic military outerwear, the collection encompasses two lightweight jackets and a raincoat, all of which are rendered in steam-sealed Ventile® with a ripstop finish to make it extra sturdy. These are pieces that, we can say with the utmost confidence, will not only stand the test of time, but convert your next spring outing from “bracing” to “breezy”. Scroll down for our advice on how to wear them.