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Three Ways To Dress For A Winter Wedding

October 2018Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

Why get married in the winter? Well, for starters, there’s the weather. We might be taking the glass-half-empty view here, but instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that some arbitrary Saturday chosen nine months in advance just happens to fall in the middle of a period of glorious sunshine, does it not make better sense to host your nuptials at a time when your expectations of the weather are so low that it’s impossible to be disappointed?

It’s not just pessimists driving the trend for winter weddings, though. There are plenty of other reasons to say “I do” outside of peak season – from knock-down rates on venues to uncluttered social schedules and, let’s face it, the sheer novelty value. A ceremony held in a wintry woodland glade? Roaring fires, mulled wine and shearling throws? How about a Narnia theme? Go on, be adventurous.

Then, of course, there are the clothes. Another downside of planning a wedding in the summer is that it’s often too hot to wear anything more than a lightweight, unlined suit. Why limit yourself to such narrow options? Especially when, come winter, you’re free to choose between heavier wools, experiment with corduroytweed and velvet, and even incorporate three-piece suits, overcoats and silk scarves into your look?