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Three Ways To Wear A Suit This Spring

February 2018Words by Mr Mark Edwards

In the animal kingdom, hibernation is a state of metabolic inactivity that leads to a lowered heart rate and slow breathing. Which sounds quite pleasant, somewhat akin to a long, lazy Sunday spent fireside in a decent pub. But with winter drawing to a close and the temperature (slowly) on the rise, it’s almost time for us and our animal friends to emerge from our respective states of wintry hibernation, eyes blinking in the light. Yes, spring is just around the corner.

Where dressing is concerned, spring means it’s time to fondly retire the heavy layers – woolsflannels and cashmeres – that kept us going during the colder months. It’s now time to bid a warm welcome to a lighter, brighter aesthetic that – imagine – functions to keep us cool instead. Which is just as well, because spring also seems to bring with it a flurry of social activity (weddings, for better or worse, are always in plentiful supply) after the Netflix-centric first two months of the year.

The more sociable weather seems to generate a slouchier attitude to tailoring, but that doesn’t mean you need to let things get full-on sloppy. Suits, in particular, offer a multitude of methods to help you stay cool, in both sartorial and temperature terms, with linen playing an important part, particularly when worn in camel, khaki or other neutral colours. So, before the balmy evenings, Aperol Spritzes and interminable best-man speeches are upon us, here are three ways you can raise your suit game for spring.