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Three Ways To Wear Military Green

October 2016Words by Ms Kate Kelley

How is it that one colour comes to dominate at any given time? We like to imagine the style powers that be making this decision huddled around a mystic swatch booklet in a top-secret location. Or perhaps it’s more of a spontaneous, lucky dip scenario. Either way, right now, you’ll notice as you walk down the street parades of outfits in various shades of military green, from deep forest green to grey-ish khaki and rich olive. Though such hues are typically used in army uniform for their practical, camouflaging qualities, they are incredibly useful for everyday dressing and ideal for breaking up a minimalist wardrobe of grey, black and navy. Whether you want to look sharp off-duty or are ready to rise through the sartorial ranks with a particularly commanding style, here’s what to wear.