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Three Ways To Wear This Winter’s Hiking Boots

September 2017Words by The Daily Team

Photographs by Ms Sydney Krantz. Styling by Ms Stephanie Hall

Much of menswear is derived from functional garments. The denim jean was originally something that was worn by miners. The bomber jacket was created for fighter pilots. In this context, it’s not entirely surprising that the hiking boot – a bulky, sturdy item, designed for withstanding rain, mud and grisly outdoor environments – has, in recent years, made its own sly way into the realms of style. Of course, a pair of hiking boots is not exactly a subtle choice, coming as it does with a chunky construction, thick laces and, often, a set of rather striking D-ring eyelets. But, even worn in the city, as an everyday winter shoe, it retains its benefits of warmth and durability. It also makes you look a bit more intrepid and outdoorsy. If this all sounds rather appealing, but you’re not exactly sure where to start, scroll down, for three outfits that make hiking boots look stylish as well as practical.