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Unlikely Style Icons: Mr Steven Spielberg

January 2018Words by Mr Colin Crummy

Mr Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1988. Photograph by Mr Murray Close/ Sygma via Getty Images

Mr Steven Spielberg is the undisputed titan of American commercial cinema, credited with inventing the summer blockbuster, pushing the boundaries of special effects (from Jaws’ animatronics to Jurassic Park’s CGI dinosaurs) and shooting some of the most enduring cinematic images of the past four decades. Most people would agree he has given us the defining pop cultural icons of the era, from E.T. to Indiana Jones, and, in his spare time, knocked out the script for The Goonies. Fewer people would accept that he is also a progenitor of killer outfits.

From left: Messrs Christian Bale, Steven Spielberg and John Malkovich on the set of Empire of the Sun, 1988. Photograph by Photoshot