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What Mr Jonah Hill’s Latest Outfit Says About Menswear

September 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Mr Jonah Hill in Soho, New York, 5 September 2018. Photograph by Backgrid

Show us a famous man who dresses like a slovenly pubescent teenager, and we’ll show you a sartorially-switched-on celebrity who knows exactly what he’s doing. The term scumbro, covered on The Daily last week, is the concept of slobtastic dressing made flesh and fabric, and refers to a certain subset of male celebrities (notably Messrs Pete Davidson, Jonah Hill, Justin Bieber and Shia LaBoeuf) who have an affinity for expensive streetwear, oversized track pantsungroomed facial hair and socks and slides. The Wall Street Journal branded them “slob-ebrities”, and for better or worse, they are leading the conversation around what men’s fashion looks like in 2018.

However, scumbro style seems to be mutating, and it’s all Mr Jonah Hill’s fault. Mr Hill – whose somewhat unconventional penchant for baggy tie-dye T-shirts and Japanese streetwear has propelled him from endearingly nerdy actor to equally endearing “king of the scumbros” – made headlines today for an outfit that is… well. It’s something. It consists of a 1990s Phoenix Suns NBA basketball vest tucked into a pair of rather smart, tailored trousers. It is, by all accounts, an oxymoron of a look, and when street style Twitter account Four Pins tweeted it today­­­­ with the caption “GO OFF KING”, reactions were wild and varied. Who could dress with such wanton disregard for established menswear codes? Has Mr Hill found a way to bottle BDE and craft it into clothes? Are those chefs’ kitchen shoes?

From left: Mr Jonah Hill in the West Village, New York, 10 July 2018. Photograph by Backgrid. Mr Jonah Hill at Jimmy Kimmel Live, LA, 17 July 2018. Photograph by Shutterstock. Mr Jonah Hill. Photograph by Backgrid