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What To Do In Bermuda

June 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Photograph courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority

“Unto an isle so long unknown, / And yet far kinder than our own?” So wrote metaphysical poet Mr Andrew Marvell around 1654, in tribute to the then-recently discovered country of Bermuda. During the more than 300 years since, we’ve had a lot more time than Mr Marvell to get familiar with the place (it was first colonized by the British in the early 1600s), but it still seems rather appealing in comparison to the United Kingdom. And most other locations, really. A series of peaceful islands, surrounded by the crystal-clear blue waters of the North Atlantic and peppered with beautiful pink beaches, Bermuda is known for its colourful colonial architecture and unspoilt way of life, making it an excellent destination for de-stressing as well as a variety of water- and lounger-based activities. In 2017, of course, it will also become home to the 35th America’s Cup – the sailing trophy being defended by Oracle Team USA, who are currently based in Bermuda. This seemed as good a reason as any for MR PORTER to pop on over and catch a few rays with the team – you can read the resulting feature in this week’s Journal. If you’re thinking of planning a trip there yourself as the final stretch of the America’s Cup looms ever closer (we certainly enjoyed ourselves, by the way), scroll down now: what follows is a brief guide to what to do (and wear) when you get there.

Rosedon Hotel. Photograph by Messrs John B Manderson and Lee Petty