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What To Wear For An Adventure

May 2016Words by Mr Tom M Ford

The word “adventure” in the modern world does not have the meaning it once did. Spend a day over the weekend exploring a mildly wooded area near your house? You’ve had an adventure. Live in south London and made the trip to north London? That’s an adventure. Tried out a new café off the main high street and got a bit lost? Again: adventure. Indeed, so sheltered are our lives that pretty much any pursuit that isn’t going to work or your local pub could be classed as an adventure.

Sometimes, however, to escape the icy shallowness of the metropolis, we embark on journeys that do actually have a genuine dose of “adventure” about them. You may not be trekking in the Andes or living with a tribe in the Amazon – but you’re in the kind of situation where the signal on your phone goes a bit iffy, and you get quite wet. We’re thinking: a weekend of walking in the country, or a camping trip near the coast. If those things sound appealing, we’ve got just the kit you need, below. Or, if you’re more in the stay-at-home camp, it’ll look just fine worn in your local neighbourhood, too