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What To Wear To A Golf Course

September 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

There have been many style mistakes in the history of golf – for some, the outré fashions worn by players such as Messrs Ian Poulter and John Daly in recent years (multicoloured pastels, novelty trousers) will have been too keenly felt to easily forget. However, of course, there is a way to do golfing attire right – something the late Mr Arnold Palmer knew very well. In fact, at best, it’s a winningly sartorial sport, its clothing suffused with a leisurely athleticism that’s as enviably breezy as it is pristinely stylish. So, if the looming spectacle of the 2016 Ryder Cup has got you in the mood and you’re heading to the greens yourself, here’s how to lower your style handicap, courtesy of MR PORTER:


So, you thought Unobtanium® was a fictional substance, fiercely guarded by blue CGI giants in Mr James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster Avatar. But actually, it turns out, it’s also the name sporting eyewear brand Oakley gives to the material it uses along the arms and nose pads of its golfing glasses – a substance that becomes slightly sticky to the touch when moist, absorbing any perspiration to increase grip and comfort for the wearer. What further recommendation can we add to convince you that the above glasses are absolutely obligatory when it comes to golfing? Not only are they straight out of science fiction, their polarised lenses will reduce glare in the sun when you’re measuring up your shot. In fact, in combination with the Leica Pinmaster II Rangefinder, which uses laser sighting to measure the distance between holes, you should be able to become a bona fide golfing machine. (Getting the ball in the hole is always among the most stylish things you can do on the golf course, after all.)