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What World-Class Wine Experts Drink At Home

August 2017Words by The Daily Team

Illustration by Mr Nick Hardcastle

There is only one thing more enlightening than asking an expert’s opinion when they are on the job. (In this case, you may be sat at a white-clothed restaurant table, nonplussed by a 20-bottle wine list.) And that’s enquiring how they indulge their passion during their downtime. One has the feeling that the information is more genuine and honest, somehow unaffected by the formalities of the profession, told with a tap of the nose and a wink. We tried this a while ago with chefs, and it was revelatory. And, in search of some new inspiration for our wine cellar (OK, cupboard) we decided to repeat the trick with some respected sommeliers. So, here are the bottles some of the world’s best wine buffs open when they’ve got their feet up. 

Mr Xavier Rousset, master sommelier, Blandford Comptoir