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What Your Out Of Office Says About You

December 2017Words by Ms Mollie McGuigan

Illustration by Mr Giordano Poloni

We all know a holiday only officially begins when you set your out of office. There is pure joy to be found in hitting save and ebulliently skipping off past your tired, cranky colleagues and heading for the blue skies of another, much nicer country. But no matter how much your holiday mania is taking hold, it’s wise to exercise restraint when typing your OOO because while you’re #blissedout on a beach in Asia, your colleagues and clients will be reading that OOO, and the contents could be the difference between love and hate, a permanent job and your P45 (or pink slip, for our US counterparts). To help you out, we have identified the five out of officers that exist in the world of work. Which one are you?

The bête noire of office workers. Smuggins hasn’t even reached departures but he’s already typed out “Currently lying on a beach in Tulum, margarita in hand – don’t hate me!!!” He is so amped about his holiday that he has lost all compassion for those further down the chain of command who are struggling to pay their rent and will have to see this cheery boasting bounce back into their inboxes on a daily basis for the next two weeks. Steel yourself against the Instagram posts of filtered sunsets signed off with #sorrynotsorry and do your best to swamp him with deadlines when he returns.