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What’s New? Three Spring Basics

April 2018Words by The Daily team

Sometimes, it’s important to go back to basics. It may not be very exciting, but it’s a necessary part of dressing well. It is all very well poring over the latest statement prints, obsessing over the construction of a suit or reading up on the history of a brand to ensure you’re getting the best-quality Oxfords – but we must not forget about the simpler things in our wardrobes, such as T-shirtsbutton-up shirts or socks. And that is what today’s Editor’s Picks concerns. No fireworks here. But, if you get the basics right, everything else will follow and you must not run before you can walk, after all. To prevent us from overwhelming you with tired clichés, we will end on a clearer note: here are some fine wardrobe basics, new on site today, which can form the foundations of a strong spring wardrobe. Scroll and shop while stocks last (and then focus on the more interesting things in life).

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