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Where To Eat This Thanksgiving In New York

November 2017Words by The Daily Team

Goffel Farms Turkey. Photograph courtesy of Cafe Clover

Yes, we know you’re supposed to cook your own Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve all seen that episode of Friends: the turkey; the head; the high jinks! Who’d want to miss it? But on occasion, of course, it’s also important to consider another question: what’s the point in doing a job that someone else can do better? For all New Yorkers that have dropped the ball, curating-cooking-and-hosting-a-giant-thanksgiving-banquet-wise this year, be pleased to know that there are plenty of fine restaurants that have got your back. Better, on Thanksgiving Day, they’ll likely be filled with the what-me?-I’ve-never-cooked-in-my-life! set, who are always good value. Scroll down for three Thanksgiving venues, approved by the tasteful gentlemen of MR PORTER’s Style Council, that we can very heartily recommend if you’re planning on eating out next week.