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Which Soil Produces The Best Wine?

October 2017Words by The Daily team

Berber & Q’s Shawarma Bar. Photograph courtesy of Berber & Q

This Sunday, at Berber & Q Shawarma Bar in London, co-owner Mr Mattia Bianchi will launch the first of three rather special wine-tasting events. Happening once a month, DIRT. will see some of the world’s most respected sommeliers battle it out to showcase the best wine from three chosen soils: “magma”, “peak”, “salt” – enjoyed alongside a Middle Eastern menu. To get ahead of the game, we asked some of the sommeliers involved for some sneak-preview, insider knowledge. Find out more, below, or experience it first hand by picking up some tickets, here. “To make it dead simple, a bottle of wine is a result of a grape which grows on a vine that has roots in the soil or terroir, so we should not be surprised about how important the latter is,” says Mr Bianchi by way of explanation. “Alice Feiring’s The Dirty Guide To Wine is a very good book for anyone that wants to understand this topic better. As she writes, ‘Looking for clues from the soil, even if you don’t find them, heightens your tasting sensitivity and increases enjoyment…’”

Ms Alessandra Saponara, senior sommelier, Fera, Claridge’s, London

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