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Why Cycling Gear Doesn’t Have To Involve Lycra

December 2016Words by Mr Jim Merrett

Photograph by Mr Tom Cockram

Just as some motorists might prefer to slip into a pair of Tod’s driving shoes over, say, a Stig helmet and jumpsuit, not all cyclists want to turn up to work looking like a sweaty, lit-up, Lycra-clad condom. But at the same time, quite often the pedestrian wardrobe is not up to the rigours of riding a bike – gussets rip, hems can get caught in the chain and, most importantly, the ensemble to be seen in might not actually get you seen by drivers. Thankfully, there is now a happy medium.

New to MR PORTER, McCaffrey is the handiwork of one Mr Robert McCaffrey, a designer who has drawn on his previous experience working for the likes of Y-3, Nike and Dirk Bikkembergs to set up his own line of cycling shoes and accessories that don’t look out of place off the bike. “With my own collection, I decided that there would be absolutely no compromise on quality, that every material and component would be chosen based on its performance, elegance and durability,” Mr McCaffrey says.

Made more with meandering in mind (“slow and graceful cycling,” as Mr McCaffrey puts it) than setting Strava alight, this is the collection for the sartorially aware cyclist who wants to be both stylish and safe. “My objective was simply to make the highest quality shoes for the modern city traveller, whether by foot or bicycle,” Mr McCaffrey. This means means that rather than scream cyclist, features such as reflective detailing are “deliberately discreet – though if you look closely, they’re there.” (And we suggest you do.)  So forgo the Day-Glo and take these pieces for a spin instead.