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Why Successful People Get Up Early

October 2016Words by Mr Jamie Millar

To celebrate the launch of The Art of the Everyday, our new capsule collection with COS, we at MR PORTER decided to muse upon a few simple quotidian habits that can vastly improve the quality of a man’s life. Below, early riser and Men’s Health contributing editor Mr Jamie Millar explains why every man should aim to wake up at dawn as much as possible.

They say that the early bird catches the worm. To which most of us reply, “Just 10 more minutes…” But it turns out that by snoozing, we really are losing out on a host of benefits that those high-achieving people – at whose boundless productivity we marvel – are busy reaping.

It’s at this point that you insist that you’re not a “morning person”. It’s even possible that you’re genetically predisposed to night-owl-ness. But it’s also possible – likely even – that any individual with a vampire-like aversion to dawn is also coming home late each night, bodily exhausted, before collapsing into bed, a broken man. That’s no good. While it might sound counterintuitive, moving your alarm forward can actually stop this vicious cycle, eliciting a profound shift in how you feel physiologically and psychologically. By front-loading your day, you’ll have more time left at the end for socialising with friends and family. (Remember them?). If you need any further convincing, scroll down for three reasons that an early start is the right start.