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The Young Pope: This Year’s Best TV Show?

October 2016Words by Mr Ed Cripps

Mr Jude Law in The Young Pope. Photograph by Mr Gianni Fiorito for Sky Atlantic

The new must-see drama The Young Pope airs next week on Sky Atlantic in the UK. Starring a renascent Mr Jude Law as a first-ever American pontiff, the series mixes the cunning ironies of the original British House Of Cards with the panache of its Italian showrunner Mr Paolo Sorrentino, the acclaimed writer-director of The Great Beauty. It is the funniest, darkest, most elegant insight into papal power-hunger since Mr Anthony Burgess’ Earthly Powers (an even more impressive novel than A Clockwork Orange) and the premise of a devilish demagogue as “God’s representative” has glorious potential, if grim parallels, too, in the age of Mr Donald Trump. If you haven’t already, wet your whistle with the trailer, then read the five reasons The Young Pope is a contender for the best show of 2016.

Mr Paolo Sorrentino is the hottest director in Europe