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You Asked: How Do I Find Jeans That Fit?

February 2018Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

Photograph courtesy of Mr Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Some style topics are so niche that we cannot cover them in The Journal and here on The Daily. And that is exactly what this style advice column is for. The cure for what ails you. You share your personal problems, however strange (not too weird, mind), and we endeavour to provide a tailored solution. This week does not disappoint. One person has a mysterious aversion to knitwear, another has an issue with denim and someone else wants to dress for Californian weather (what a life!). See our answers, below. And if you want us to address something for you, email, or contact us via our social media channels.

My husband can’t find jeans with a relaxed fit that are still slimline. He has a 32in waist but has thicker legs, which turn all slim-fit jeans into a tighter fit. What style should we look at for a relaxed fit that isn’t too baggy?

From @ranga_amy, via Instagram