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You Asked: How Should I Wear Socks During Summer?

August 2018Mr Porter

Socks are often overlooked. They are the last-resort Christmas present, aren’t they? The things you lose and replace with remarkable frequency, the unremarkable bits of cotton that slip inside your shoes. We agree – they are not the most exciting bits of our wardrobe. Purchasing some new socks will never compare to the feeling of a new jacket or some perfectly fitting trousers. But they are rather important. And as the trouser leg has become ever shorter over the last decade, they have become more so. They can add colour and proportion to an outfit. And, well, in a practical sense – they stop your shoes from smelling. Something which becomes ever more important in warmer months. Below, we answer a question we received on Instagram regarding this exact topic. How to wear socks during summer? Read on and find out.

Socks in summer... What patterns/colours? What socks with shorts? Can I wear anything other than invisible socks with cropped trousers? #mrporterstylequestions