Autumn Is Coming: Three Ways To Warm Up

August 2019Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

It might not feel like it just yet, but autumn is upon us. The official end of summer will no doubt cause you distress for a multitude of reasons: no more lazy long afternoons spent in the refuge of a pub garden, no more two-week holidays to eagerly await while you’re trying to look busy at your desk and, perhaps most harrowing, the fact that you’ll soon have to start piling on the layers whenever you decide to venture out of doors. It’s hard, we know. But you can, at least, take solace in the fact that this is the time of year when designers start to ship their new collections, which means a treasure trove of lovely choices to pick from that have just arrived at MR PORTER.

One of the most notable offerings among this hoard is the new line from Mr Oliver Spencer, the beloved British designer who is no stranger to a good (make that great) bomber jacket and who never met a heritage check he didn’t like. Which is to say, it’s excellent stuff for the start of the chilly season. And, to save you the effort of endlessly scrolling at this difficult time, we singled out three suitably stylish outerwear options to add to your wardrobe, and asked the man himself what makes them special.


Oliver Spencer
Stretch-Cotton Corduroy Bomber Jacket