Five Cult TV Soundtracks To Rival Stranger Things

October 2017Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Stranger Things season 1, 2016. Photograph courtesy of Netflix

A cult following is something that used to take years to amass, but in our frenetic age of Netflix-binging and Twitter-trending, for better or worse, it now happens overnight. Case in point: Stranger Things. Even without the abundance of half-baked tributes to Eleven’s nosebleed/buzz cut that will undoubtedly fill Halloween parties the world over come next week, the show has captured a collective consciousness that extends beyond the nostalgic Mr Spielberg touchstones it references.

A big chunk of that charm is drawn out through its soundtrack. Created by Survive, a band from Austin, Texas, and referencing seminal composers such as Mr John Carpenter (the man responsible for soundtracks to Halloween and The Thing in collaboration with Mr Ennio Morricone), the sinister 1980s synth that bleeds over the red title screen on the Stranger Things’ introduction has made its deceptively simple opening one of the most recognisable in modern TV history. Still, it’s far from the only one. From British classics to Japanese anime, Stranger Things’ OST is just a drop in the glittering aural ocean of great soundtracks. So before we join Mike and friends for another season of retro horror in the Upside Down, we have compiled a list of cult TV soundtracks that rival the show.