Five Winter Cheeses (And The Wine To Pair Them With)

December 2017Words by Ms Patricia Michelson, founder of La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie, London. Photograph by Mr Jeremy Coleman. All photographs courtesy of La Fromagerie

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy cheese that is rich and buttery, fruity, hard and well-aged, rather than the light, airy varieties better matched to warmer days. And while it is always pleasing to see a big chunk of cheddar or stilton on the table, I like to create cheeseboards celebrating the diversity of cheese. For a decidedly wintry board, here are five cheeses that would make a good progression of flavour and texture this festive period – and the wines to enjoy them with.

Cathare Saint-Felix, Haute Garonne, France, unpasteurised goat’s milk