Four Apps That Will Help You Through A Break-Up

August 2019Words by Mr Ahmed Zambarakji

Illustration by Mr Giacomo Bagnara

It stands to reason that if technology can bring people together (see Tinder, Hinge et al), then it should be able to soften the pain when they part ways. In a digital world, the LTR oriented have the odds stacked against them. Hook-up culture is now the norm, relationship statuses are confusingly monogamish and e-voidance tactics (see ghosting, icing, simmering and now Caspering) are as common as they are cowardly. If the plethora of online profiles has made dating easier, it has paradoxically made commitment a lot harder.

Enter the break-up app, a piece of software designed to guide the newly single through the painstaking process of rediscovering their autonomy. Most of them target female users, but the advice – good and bad – is universal. Whether your default coping mechanism is binge eating, drunk texting or social media stalking, there’s a code to set things straight.

Some apps function as portable coaches, encouraging the user to practise good self-care with regular notifications. Others operate as a concierge, attending to the practical considerations that come with conscious and/or messy uncoupling (finding a new home, moving your possessions, sourcing a violently bloodthirsty divorce lawyer, etc). A handful attempt to heal that gaping void in the middle of your chest with sound wisdom and one-to-one counselling sessions.