How To Eat With The A-List

January 2017Words by Mr John Ortved

Photograph by Mr Tim Clinch. Courtesy of Chiltern Firehouse

If paparazzi shots are anything to go by, the only activity in which famous people ever engage is leaving gyms and restaurants. Which makes sense, because celebrities, like the rest of us, need food, and then, unlike us, have a professional requirement to transform that food into perfectly toned muscle and glowing skin. If you live in a major city, or a not-so-major city that resembles a major city on film – we’re looking at you, Toronto – a restaurant with five stars is a likely place to run into a sixth. If you’re the sort who likes to rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite, here’s where you should try and book a table.

Photograph by Ms Stephanie Eichman for MR PORTER