How To Take Better Holiday Photos

July 2016Words by Ms Lauren Luxenberg

Photograph courtesy Mr Joseph Pickard

Yes, the summer is here. People are going abroad. And therefore it’s getting towards that time of year when friends and family subject us to interminable slideshows of less-than-inspiring holiday snaps and we attempt not to fall asleep from boredom. Actually, wait – it’s slightly different these days. Where previously holiday photos were something we came across on an annual basis, now, thanks to Instagram (and, also, the sneaky practice of people holding their travel pictures back and publishing them throughout the year, so they look more jet-set than they actually are), we look at this stuff all the time. Voluntarily, even. Some of them make us a little jealous, and some of them make us exasperated. (Hot-dog legs, couple selfies and anything marked #beachbod2016 being prime examples of the latter). But on some of them, we find ourselves, against our better judgement, tapping “like”. Which begs the question: is it possible for travel photos to no longer be fundamentally boring?

With this in mind, we’ve asked some of Instagram’s finest purveyors of the holiday photo to share their tips on how to stand out when documenting travels. So read on, and hopefully next time you snap and upload, people won’t think “goodness me, he’s awful”, but “wow, I’d love to go there too.” And, yes, you’ll get more likes.