How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Autumn

1 week agoWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

Florence, January 2019. Photograph by Mr Marc Richardson

There was a time when the words “trans-seasonal wardrobe” would never have sullied the digital pages of MR PORTER. But, well, times are changing, and the fashion-speak of yore has become bog-standard vernacular. But trans-seasonal dressing – that is, the alterations we make to our wardrobes for the in-between weather – can be tricky. This is clearest in early autumn, the time when we’ve forgotten how to dress for the cold and dig out our old cashmere and cords with a baffled look that says, “What on earth am I supposed to do with this?” Dressing for colder weather after T-shirts are all we’ve known for months takes some adjustments, but by employing a few tips, as below, you’ll be appropriately dressed, without investing in a full-blown winter wardrobe just yet.

One of the best things a man can learn about getting dressed is how to layer his clothes. Get this right and you can create outfits that are perfect for the fickle climes of autumn without compromising on style. Get it wrong, however, (see Mr Steve Bannon’s penchant for wearing two shirts, one over the other) and you run the risk of looking like an unhinged despot.