Mr Ian Schrager’s Guide To Hosting A Party

December 2018Words by Mr Samuel Muston, Deputy Editor, MR PORTER

Studio 54 owners Mr Steve Rubell and Mr Ian Schrager outside their legendary New York nightclub, 20 July 1978. Photograph by Mr Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images

Mr Ian Schrager has given more parties than just about anyone since Caligula. And unlike the emperor’s, Mr Schrager’s end with people smiling, be that at Studio 54, which he co-founded with Mr Steve Rubell, or the thousand other dos he has hosted at his many boutique hotels (a category he, incidentally, created). MR PORTER joined him for the party of the year at his latest opening, Barcelona EDITION, the ninth in the luxury chain, to find out how the world’s most famous host goes about his business.

What makes a good party? Booze, the people, the place? And in what mix?

The most important things for a party are the people and the place. In equal measure. It’s a bit of a chicken or egg question. You have to have a great place that’s exciting and glamorous – that you can cut the air with and everyone knows it. And having great people is also essential. But I think the place suggests and facilitates people having a good time. The booze is irrelevant; it could be there or not be there.