Something For The Weekend: A Cultural Roundup From Our US Editor

1 week agoWords by Mr Chris Wallace

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

This week is an anniversary of sorts for me: I moved to New York 10 years ago, and… I’m still here? At least four of the publications where I’ve worked in the time since can’t say that. So what, men’s magazines are dead, again. Long live men’s magazines. Historically, of course, those glossy style bibles have been a place of refuge where the shy, solitary, or otherwise inhibited species known as men can go for advice and counsel. But, nowadays, it seems as though they are just doing all of that in real life? Congrats for reinventing friends. I kid. New perspectives on masculinity, on friendship, and mental wellness are a big part of what we’re hoping to bring about here.

Now, if only we had our own satellite, then we could totally change the way we see everything else. One thing we might see from up high is the way our country treats the unhoused. In the US, according to Bloomberg, “we’ve effectively decided that people shouldn’t die on the street, but it’s acceptable for them to live there.” The town of Kingston in New York, for its part (which we visited in our recent story about the Hudson Valley’s creative boom), is trying to see capitalism differently, and one sympathises. Utopian thinking is hard to do, even on a small scale.

From left:  The Trespasser by Ms Tana French. Image courtesy of Hodder & Stoughton. Otherwise Known As The Human Condition by Mr Geoff Dyer. Image courtesy of Graywolf Press