The Cinematic Traits Of Parasite Director Mr Bong Joon-ho

1 week agoWords by Mr Jack Mills

Mr Choi Woo-sik in Parasite (2019). Photograph courtesy of NEON + CJ Entertainment

Somewhere between Antichrist, The Ice Storm and Adventures In Babysitting, the forthcoming Parasite (in cinemas 7 February) is however unlike any film of recent memory. The story of an impoverished family in South Korea who trick their way into a luxury house before discovering that there are further levels of desperate poverty, even below themselves, it weightlessly swaps goofball physical comedy for guts-out horror; gaping establishing shots for sodium-lit claustrophobia. Yet, for all its originality, these are tried and tested trademarks of Korean filmmaker Mr Bong Joon-ho’s, who previously shunted us into harrowing possible futures in Netflix dramas Okja and Snowpiercer. Here are a few more of the director’s tricks to look out for.

Mr Byun Hee-bong in The Host (2006). Photograph by Photo 12/Alamy