The Diet Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

1 week agoWords by Ms Mollie McGuigan

Illustration by Mr Giacomo Bagnara

We’re into the annual national purge, binning the biscuits and embracing the latest fad diet in a bid to lose the weight that crept on over Christmas. We’ve been here before. Like last year, when we almost returned our body to prime shape, only to undo it all on holiday by eating too many tacos in Tulum.

What is the solution to healthy, long-term weight loss? Dr Michael Greger, author of How Not To Diet, has spent years researching the answer. In the 570-page book, he has mined scientific research and data to reveal the most effective ways to lose weight. To help give you a headstart in 2020, we have cherry picked his most salient pieces of advice.

Praise for plants