The Grooming Debate: Scent Loyalist Vs Fragrance Addict

1 week agoWords by The Daily Team

Fragrance is the one part of a man’s outfit (excluding his underwear, hopefully) that nobody else can see. It is, however, one of the most important, because our scent gives off an arguably greater impression than our clothes. It’s no use dressing well if you don’t also smell good, after all, and a fragrance that conveys restraint, taste, and of course, hygiene is infinitely more charming than smelling of discount washing powder, or worse: BO. But how does the average gent achieve such olfactory magnetism? Does he just douse himself in oud and bergamot, fire extinguisher-style, before leaving the house and hope for the best?

If you’re fiercely loyal to a particular fragrance, you might call it your signature scent. And, if you’re a little more… fragrantly fickle, you might have what in recent years has come to be known as “a fragrance wardrobe”, in which you dip into a scent depending on the mood of the occasion at hand. To find out how a man might find himself in one of the aforementioned camps, we asked two of the MR PORTER team’s most well-scented gents, who approach fragrance from different perspectives, to fight it out…