The Morning Routine Secrets Of Successful Men

May 2018Words by Mr Jamie Millar

Illustration by Mr Tommy Parker

Not a morning person? Neither were Messrs Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, which is why five years ago they started the website My Morning Routine, interviewing 300 successful individuals about their waking hours. Now 64 examples of their collected wisdom have been distilled into a book of the same name.

“The way you spend your morning has an outsized effect on the rest of your day,” they write. And the tone is set from the minute you stop – or snooze – your alarm. Building a better “habit stack” – a series of linked actions, like a chain reaction – can take you from getting up to getting more stuff done. Thankfully for those of us who aren’t professional productivity gurus, the book also features practical advice on how to fit beneficial things we know we should be doing, such as exercise and meditation, into our lives.

It’s important to note, as the authors do, that there’s no one right way to start your day, although there are plenty of wrong ones, such as plunging down an email or social media rabbit hole before you’ve even got out of bed. What’s optimal for someone else may not be for you. With that in mind, these five case studies may prove helpful.