The Most Stylish Haircuts In Cinema History

March 2018Words by Mr Paul L Underwood

Mr George Hamilton in Act One (1963). Photograph by akg-images

No grooming ritual can match the illustrious on-screen history of the haircut. Nail clipping, for example, doesn’t quite have the same cinematic clout. There’s something about the mix of razor blades, barbershops and idle conversation that has produced a spate of legendary scenes, from Mr Clint Eastwood shooting some bad guys from under his apron in High Plains Drifter and Mr Johnny Depp sending clients to their doom in Sweeney Todd to Mr Eddie Murphy snipping the hair of, er, Mr Eddie Murphy in Coming To America. But none of those films matches the intoxicating blend of elegance and style that the following five do, in some of the most iconic barbershop scenes to have splashed their aftershave on the silver screen.

Photograph by Universal Pictures/akg-images