The Three Most Stylish Players At The Euros

June 2016Mr Porter

Mr Iker Casillas at the Porto training centre, 28 Jan 2016. Photograph by Movenoticias/Atlantico Press

Those who refer to football as the “beautiful” game know that this particular adjective usually describes what happens on the pitch. Away from it, well, let’s just say that footballers don’t always have a subtle touch when it comes to style. Possessing the means to acquire anything you desire must be a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes do strange things to a person’s judgment.

Still, as always, there are exceptions to the rule. To help pass the time until the European championships kick off in France on Friday, we went through all 24 squads with a fine-tooth comb to find out which players have allowed good taste and style to flourish alongside their footballing talent. These three outliers made the final.

Mr Jérôme Boateng walks in the players’ tunnel before the Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga match with Hoffenheim at Allianz Arena, Munich, 31 January 2016. Photograph by A Beier/Getty Images for FC Bayern