The Ultimate Date-Night Grooming Guide

6 days agoWords by Mr Gregory Allen

Whether you’re bingeing on Bumble, hooked on Hinge or tracking Tinder, nowadays it’s possible for most of us to get more dates than Brexit. The trouble with this instant dating culture is that it often ends up being rather last minute, which presents a host of problems for anyone who doesn’t look immaculate 24/7. And even if you are in a relationship, a 20-minute calendar notification or spontaneous text can remind you that you should really do something about those chapped lips and be quick about it. We’ve put together the tips and tricks that will transform you into the perfect Valentine. So, get your coat – and your hair cream, fragrance, eye creambeard oil and face mask – and you might just pull.

Good hair date

Larry King
A Social Life For Your Hair Cream, 80ml

Forget the smile. The first thing your date is going to notice is your hair. Whether it’s cool and cropped or bouncing with curls, hair – and how well it is maintained – is a fairly good indicator of a man. You want your mane to be the best version of itself, so a utilitarian finishing cream that can deal with everything from flyaways to curls to lacklustre locks, is a sensible choice. Trust Larry King, whose signature bedhead-but-better style just might land you in, well… You know the rest.