What To Wear To Work In Summer

May 2017Words by The Daily Team

Photograph by Mr Jeffrey Campisi. Styling by Ms Heather Malmstrom

Much as it would be nice to spend the entirety of the months from June to September lying on a beach, sipping some sort of colourful cocktail with a pineapple ring and umbrella poking out the top, the grim reality of existence is that, though the sun may have finally come out, we still have to work. What’s more, the normal office get-up just won’t do when temperatures start to rise to ice-cream-melting levels. The humane thing for bosses around the world to do at this juncture would be to declare a temporary amnesty on smartness, a sort of suns-out-guns-out sartorial free-for-all. But no, that never happens – instead we spend most mornings wondering how to battle the sweat factor while still remaining reasonably smart. If you’re lucky enough, however, to have landed upon this page, you need wonder no more. Scroll down for our top recommendations for day-to-day office wear for all those occasions that you’d rather be outside.