What’s New: What To Wear In January

1 week agoWords by The Daily Team

The alarm goes off, it’s still dark outside, and as you blearily stumble your way over to your wardrobe to squint inside, the eternal question burns: what to wear? It’s particularly tough in January, and perhaps tougher than ever, considering you have the weather to think about (Heattech at the ready) and perhaps a few extra festively won pounds to contend with. Still, there’s plenty to be done, and from adding a few smarter accents to your outfits or to give yourself some sartorial motivation to get to the gym, there’s also much to think about. With that in mind, here are three ways to switch up your style this January, as told by the latest additions to hit the shelves at MR PORTER.

Perhaps it’s because we’re feeling a little sick of sweatpants after the holidays, or perhaps it’s because we spent far too many hours poring over the tie pins in The Irishman of late, but the need for power dressing feels particularly pertinent in January. Ties and waistcoats haven’t been at the forefront of our wardrobes over the past few years, but – with a little help from Hugo Boss and Charvet, and after being reminded of how they can look courtesy of Mr Joe Pesci – now’s the time to bring them back.