What’s New: Why Now Is Your Time To Shine

2 weeks agoWords by The Daily Team

There are those who are drawn to Maui, the over-inflated, animated demigod of Disney’s 2016 Polynesian hit Moana. True, he’s voiced by Mr Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who proves he can hold his own as an actor here – even without the visual support of his eyebrows. But in that film, the character who seems to stand out, especially in light of the AW19 offerings arriving today on MR PORTER, is Tamatoa, the giant coconut crab, voiced by Flight Of The Conchords’ Mr Jemaine Clement. A “beady-eyed bottom feeder” from the realm of the monsters, Tamatoa nevertheless adds a touch of sparkle to proceedings with a catchy tune and a fondness for things that are shiny.

Indeed, iridescence seems to be the byword for the latest hauls from the big blue fashion sea. From AMBUSH®’s silver puffa jacket – which, sadly for fans of idioms, doesn’t have a lining to match its outer shell – to Fear of God’s shimmering new hoodie and corresponding trousers, and Sies Marjan’s reflective raglan coat that becomes holographic under a flash. Also of note: a wealth of treasures in the form of jewellery. This butterfly silver-tone wallet chain from Mr Raf Simons particularly caught our eye.

If your wardrobe is still a little on the dull side, fear not. In the words of Mr Clement’s colossal crustacean, “I was a drab little crab once, now I know I can be happy as a clam”. See, all you need is something shiny and new.