Which Sun Cream Do You Need?

July 2017Words by The Daily Team

Illustration by Mr Nick Hardcastle

Hopefully, at this point in the year, we don’t have to tell you that when it’s sunny you have to wear sun cream. But it’s probably worth saying that the application of said product is not merely about avoiding sunburn. In fact, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are among the chief causes of other common skin problems, from lines and wrinkles to dark spots. In short: SPF, unlike the literary works of Ms Jilly Cooper, is not just for the beach. And all sun creams are not created equal – actually, you might need different types for different scenarios. Given the rather impressive selection of items currently available on MR PORTER, we at The Daily thought it might be useful to dispense some guidance on this front. And so, miraculously, the following round-up was born. Scroll down, and save your skin.

For everyday use

In a typical weekday, the office drones of the world might not spend a tremendous amount of time outside. But even if you’re just spending your lunch hour in the local park reading a book, or going for a few drinks outdoors after work, a little SPF can go a long way towards keeping your face wrinkle-free. For these purposes, we would recommend a regular moisturiser with sun protection built in. For the particularly fair or pale-skinned, there’s Dr. Jackson’s 01 Day Cream with SPF20 protection. But if you’ve got darker colouring, or just want something a little lighter, you might want to opt for Erno Laszlo’s Phelityl Day Lotion, which offers a slightly lower SPF of 15. As an added bonus, both products also incorporate the sort of things you would expect from a moisturiser, including ingredients with anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, which means it’s very easy to simply swap one of these into your normal grooming regime.