Why It’s Time To Show Your Logos

February 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

It used to be considered show-offy, even tasteless, to plaster a designer’s logo all over your outfit. Now, it would seem, that is no longer the case. Balenciaga has covered scarvesbags and shirts with its stark white logo, for example, and Gucci has embellished and printed its name onto dad sneakers and sukajan jackets. But it’s not just the high-end brands. MR PORTER is full of designers who appear to be quite pleased with themselves. What’s more, we rather like it.

If you want to get on board with this logos craze, the general rule is that you must wear them without it seeming like they are wearing you. Fortunately, this is easy right now because there is a slightly satirical edge to this trend. Logos are being modified, fonts and designs used at counterfeit markets have been reappropriated by the brands they were originally stolen from (see Gucci’s belt bag), and, like all the best bits of fashion, it’s rather fun. There’s much to read into. But don’t worry, we’ll refrain from writing any dissertations on the cultural implications of meta high-end fashion branding in late-stage capitalism. Try saying that after a few. Instead, you’ll have to settle with some eye-catching logo-heavy clothing that’s just landed on site. We’ve picked out our favourite examples below, and suggested how you might like to wear it. Aren’t we nice?