Why Mr John Lennon Remains A Style Icon

October 2018Words by Mr Max Wallis

Mr John Lennon backstage at BBC TV’s Top Of The Pops, London, 11 February 1970. Photograph by Mr Ron Howard/Getty Images

On 9 October 1940, at Liverpool Maternity Hospital, Mr John Winston Lennon was born. He would come to embody ideals of love, not war. He was one quarter of the most famous, and possibly most stylish, band to ever exist. The Beatles transformed society. They were the driving force behind everything that was exciting about the 1960s, and, with their producer Sir George Martin, they changed how music was made. Along the way, the Fab Four also upended fashion. Whether he wore a black suit or a rollneck sweater, Mr Lennon’s style seemed singular, shining with a greater wattage than Sir Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney or Mr George Harrison. Much like his acerbic one-liners, it seemed so effortless – his wardrobe was as sharp as his wit.

To mark his birthday tomorrow, Thames & Hudson publish Imagine John Yoko, a book curated by his widow Ms Yoko Ono. It tells the revelatory story of the making of the album Imagine – the title track of which would come to define Mr Lennon’s legacy.

To celebrate Mr Lennon’s life, we explore some of his most iconic looks, and the different periods which gave birth to them. Here are five that prove he was one of the most stylish musicians ever.

The black suit